Outraged by "The Heist"


I have one less necklace in my possession and I am appalled at the gall of whomever stole it. 

I wouldn’t mind so much except it was perhaps my favorite piece of jewelry – not worth much – only a sterling silver rectangular locket with photos of my two favorite men inside – no not my boyfriends, my sons! 

Here’s what happened.  A friend and I drove to Tuscaloosa on Monday to do a little nosing around the stores.  Trying on a blouse in the dressing room, I ripped off my sweater along with the necklace which I wear all the time. 

locket As I redressed I discovered the necklace on the floor, but elected to finish dressing before retrieving it.  My mind, as usual wandered ahead to whether or not to purchase the blouse along with a million other things, and I walked right out without picking it up off the floor.  Shame on me and my wandering mind.

Three hours later on the way home I discovered the missing locket. I immediately called Chico’s and asked if anyone had turned it in.  They hadn’t, but the sales lady went to check the dressing room and there it was!

I asked the nice lady to mail it to me never dreaming a postal worked would ever decide he or she needed it more.  Had to be someone at the post office.  A tiny slit had been cut at one end of the envelope and it had been removed from layers of tissue paper. 

Maybe the police can lift prints – you can bet I’m going to pursue it. 

Yet again, I wax philosophical.  The necklace was only a material possession, and I still have my two boys alive and well.  William hated his photo anyway – it was taken when he was in high school and had dyed his hair a gothic color of black and blue.

2 thoughts on “Outraged by "The Heist"

  1. That is so sad… While one of my brothers was stationed in Japan, he sent Mama a piece of jewerly which was removed through a slit in the box. Insured, yes.. replaceable, no. People who steal from the mail have to be really, really desparate.

  2. I thought they had cameras in the post office to catch thieves, but doesn’t appear they do from your experience. Could be the folks responsible for watching the cameras just turn a blind eye to the thieves, or perhaps share in the loot — ya never know.

    A friend took a second retirement at the post office, and told me after her experience, to always take any mail with ANY information in it (most of mine has vital information) INSIDE the Post Office to mail.

    Now, I hardly feel safe doing that, but then perhaps they are just looking for valuable objects to steal rather than I.D.’s when you go inside. Maybe it would be a good idea to not insure things, but then, your necklast wasn’t insured, was it?

    I heard someone say one time that it’s almost impossible to get the p.o. to pay for your loss when things are insured, and the hassle they put you through, people don’t have time for, sooo… Maybe some other delivery service would be better if that p.o. has gotten that bad where it was mailed or else after it arrived.

    Some people just don’t have the morals God gave a shunk, and that’s really not fair to the shunk!

    Just think what our hospitals and clinics are going to be like when the government gustapo takes over? When someone needs a piece of equipment to save your life, someone will have taken it to use for a “roach clip.” You do know what a “roach clip” is, right? That means they use ’em to smoke their marijuana. That’s how my favorite hemostats got stolen in the Air Force hospital.

    They used to be able to keep them at the bedside of certain at risk patients, so that they would be there for certain emergencies, but with all the druggies stripping the place clean of these, guess the patients were just lucky they never had to be used, at least not while I was there. They wouldn’t have been able to smoke a tote (is that the word?) had I gotten ahold of ’em, but I never knew who’d taken mine. Good thing for them.

    I’m STILL mad about someone stealing that necklace!

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