Overcoming reunion angst

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Going to a high school reunion this summer? I have one coming up on May 23 – it’s not really my reunion, but I’m going to the 45th gathering of the 1964 West Point High School graduates. 

If you’re facing a big reunion, here are some tips to make the experience work for you:

  • Take some time before the reunion to jot down favorite memories, look at yearbook photos and listen to music from your high school years.
  • Make a mental list of all you’ve accomplished since graduating.
  • Get in touch with a couple former classmates to get you in the reunion spirit.
  • Ask to help with planning the reunion, which will get you excited for the event.
  • Arrive in town a day early and spend time visiting your favorite haunts and dwelling on nostalgia.
  • Look your best by stepping up your health and fitness program months before your reunion. Uh oh!  It’s probably too late to lose 20 pounds and get a face lift.
    Source: www.ehow.com
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