Pack up all your cares and woes


It has taken me three-quarters of a lifetime to learn the secret of how to stop worrying. 

It is so simple I’m embarrassed to share this information.The absolute easiest and quickest cure for worry is to have a project you can engage in to the exclusion of all else going on in your life or the world. It must be something that consumes you, something that makes your heart sing..

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Aging backwards

bag ladies

I’ve learned two wonderful things over the past few years.  1) My gang of Baby Boomers  has suddenly grown too old to die young – whew, what a relief.  But 2) more important, we’ve found one is never too old to be young at heart – or so someone said – and we decided to test the hypothesis. (This photo is special because it has two of our “mamas” who left us much too early – Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Hooker who are seated at left.  They could always hang with us despite being a generation ahead of us.)

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Sad day in Mississippi


Yesterday I got the saddest call I’ve ever received.  My friend Marie had a catch in her throat as she asked “Have you heard?”

I’d heard that same catch two years ago when she called to tell us our friend Gary had died.  I knew what was coming was going to be bad so I braced myself for the saddest news I’ve heard since I lost my  mother..

Robert Harrell, an indescribable man and a friend to everyone he ever met,  died Monday after a car accident in our hometown of West Point, Mississippi.  There was some question if he had suffered some sort of medical episode which caused the wreck.. I don’t know the details and this is not an obituary, just a few thoughts on a remarkable man who had a positive impact on so many lives.

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Protesting this ‘senior’ thing

the_glass_is_too_big_journalIs my glass half empty or half full? Sometimes the glass is just too blamed big…or like in my case it has a slow leak.

Thinking about that leak, I am organizing a protest for the flagrant insults I see spreading around the country with regard to senior citizen status. First of all, I don’t like being called a senior. I was a senior a half century ago at West Point High School and there’s no relationship whatsoever.

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Here’s a prescription to get hooked on

laughter pillI have this cousin – Bill Poe is his name.  Well. He’s not really my cousin but we pretend we are – it’s a long story which I won’t go into here because I can’t wait to share a brilliant prescription he gave me this week – ostensibly to be used in annoying moments – but I’m finding it has multiple applications.

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