Love that tomato man

ronnie and taters

My friend Marie and I are two lucky girls.  We have been the grateful recipients of more home grown tomatoes that any girl deserve.

All were gifted by our friend and high school chum, Ronnie Tiffin (AKA Tomato Man Tiffin).  He and his wife Valerie live on a small farm west of Starkville where he has gone from the cable TV business to become an expert gardener. Continue reading

My cat has a drinking problem

dromlomg bear

I had written a poignant and insightful Fourth of July message last night, but something much more compelling has occurred so I will squeeze this one in first.

I awoke this a m to find PeeDiddie, the cat,completely potted.  She had passed out on the center island of my kitchen where I suspect she cavorts when I’m not around to monitor her activity. Continue reading

Getting out of Starkville? No easy way…

get outIf you’ve been looking for an intriguing and challenging idea for date night or birthday etc., have we got a deal for you!

“Get out of Starkville” opened this spring and it is a cross between voluntary incarceration and hunting for brain-challenging clues to get out!  If you can find your way out in 60 minutes you win.  If not, you lose.  My team was working on the last clue when time ran out. If we hadn’t had two engineers on our team, Marie, Phyllis and I would still be in there. Continue reading