Ole Miss black bear wanders into alien territory

bwst bear


I find it mildly amusing that a current exhibit at the Oktibbeha county Heritage Museum in Starkville, Mississippi features a huge black bear which stands at least five feet tall.  He is part of an exhibit featuring Mississippi wildlife, loaned by Bill Poe.

What makes it so unusual is that the black bear has been chosen as the mascot for that “school 90 miles up north” to replace Colonel Rebel.  Of course, Ole Miss is Mississippi State’s most virulent rival.  Imagine the Mississippi State Bulldog being featured at the Ole Miss lyceum.

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Ready for the third act?

do overAll of us over the age of 50 have something to look forward to that eluded our ancestors.  We get another life to live. No kidding.  You heard it here.

A recent study reveals that people in the 21st century get an extra 34 years added to their life expectancy. That’s practically another lifetime which affords us the ultimate “do over”!  Yippee! I love “do-overs” since I rarely get it right the first time.

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Update on killing Le Creuset

le creuset

I have become known as the girl who managed to destory a Le Creuset pot in a single use. I’m surprised WCBI hasn’t called me for an interview on how I managed to perform such a feat.

It’s taken years, but today the company finally lived up to its promise to replace any Le Creuset destroyed by customers.   (They never dreamed it would actually happen.)

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No more courting chaos

chaosThe news – what a bummer it’s been lately!

Most days the news alarms us, angers us and makes me want to go back to thumb sucking.  Yet, I’ve stumbled onto the key to restoring a little peace and joy in my day despite the daily assaults from unspeakable acts going on around the world.

I toss out my system for your consideration, waiving the $19.99 fee I’ll be asking on the Home Shopping Network. Doesn’t everything cost $19.99 today?

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Still dancing after all these years

mer and girls

No need for drugs or alcohol.  My gang gets crazy breathing country air.  This gang met in junior high and we’ve been  family ever since.

“Love, Laughter and Losing My Keys: A Boomer’s Survival Guide”will be out in two weeks.  Check it out.  By Emily Braddock Jones. If you grew up in the 50s and 60s, you will love it.