The absent-minded confessor

absent minded
It’s becoming increasingly clear that my chronic condition, once considered “lovable absent-mindedness” has been elevated to a critical, possibly terminal condition.

To wit: I headed to the bank this morning to make a deposit. Not only did I miss my turn and have to back-track but when I finally got up to the front of the drive-through I deposited my electric bill. I had to go home and start over, muttering curses to myself for the waste of time.

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Too little butter, or too much bread?

butterI’m always looking for the hidden messages from God which appear to us all the time.  Unfortunately we’re usually too busy or distracted to notice.

I’ve begun looking for messages from above which are embedded in common occurances I believe.  Take yesterday ror example: I attempted to move a truck load of groceries into the house,  As usual I was rushing and trying to carry too many at once.  As I opened the back door one bag slipped from my grip

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Today is “Frump Day”


It’s only the 8th of January and I’ve broken every one of my New Year’s Resolutions – every single one..,joyfully I might add..

They were 1) No Sugar, 2) Perk up my wardrobe and retire the sweats, and 3)  Declutter the house – Nope.  Not in the cards this year.

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