Southern fried and made in Mississippi


The sign on the wall says “Roadkill Café” but the food at the new Pheba (pronounced Feebie) Diner is far from it.  Opened in 2012 by old friends Linda Wade and her mother, Mildred Calvert McGee (top left), the diner is our greatest discovery since Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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Lost in a digital jungle


I vacillate between thinking that I’m at the cutting edge of technology (after all I CAN use a microwave) to the opposite end of the scale where it seems everybody is running and I’m limping along at the end of the line with a bent cane.

The eternal, world-without-end-amen stream of data is beginning to wear on me.

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Little known fact: Rolling Stones are MSU graduates–No fooling!


File this one under “things you didn’t know and were flabbergasted to find out.”

I didn’t believe it myself at first. Did you know that the Original Rolling Stones didn’t come out of Great Britain at all? And they were more likely to be spotted over a cold brew at the Crossroads than a spot of tea in the shadow of Buckingham Palace.

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