Daylight and darkness


Today was the coolest August day I can remember in my whole life which is pretty vast.  I spent the day on my back porch with my doors open and AC OFF. My depression melted into the crisp summer sun – yes, crisp and summer have never gone together in  my Mississippi. Today it did.

That, and Ugg, made this day spectacular. A small kitten was sitting on my side stoop when I went out to pick up the paper this morning.  She streaked away like lightening.  Two hours later (when I was dressed and  got made up) she had ventured up on the porch.  I guess I looked like an acceptable parent with makeup. Continue reading

Well, I’ll be a ring-tailed tooter!


This week, I had the joy of attending a family reunion deep in the wildwoods of Tippah County, Mississippi which has long reminded me of Snuffy Smith Country with all the hills and hollows. Not only did I get a taste of the best Southern cooking this side of the Mason Dixon, I picked up a few colloquialisms which I plan to incorporate into my vocabulary. It would be a shame to lose these priceless relics of our distant past.

My most favorite is the term “ring-tailed tooter” which rolled off the lips of my friend Norma while describing a

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Vacation is over:Seeking new challenge

staycationWhat was I saying?

Oh yeah, I’ve been on vacation this week and that’s why an earlier post  was actually written last week when I was all pumped up about trying to get healthy.

Then on a whim I decided to take a vacation and do SQUAT.  Squat just barely exceeds scant and it’s not much.  In fact, in my world it’s NOTHING. That’s not me at the left – her robe has no tomato soup stains.

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