Super Stoup anyone?

more soup

Killing time before the BIG GAMEs today and sporting a killer yearning for Margaret Ann’s Tomato Basil Soup (which is included in our new book “Love, Laughter & Losing My Keys”, I began to tinker with the recipe. 

I rarely follow a recipe – always trying to make it better or revolutionary.  Well, this time it worked and for breakfast I had a bowl or two, or three.  I’ll have three  more before the game.

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Great day to be a Mississippian


Several Texas friends visited this weekend while attending the Mississippi State – Texas A & M football game.  How sweet it was!

They were all very good sports – especially Kim (center) and her husband David who are rabid Aggies. At right my fellow West Pointer Emily Bedford Schepens and her husband Jim  and classmate Al Sage and Tinker Lautar savored the day of conquest together.  I would put right up there with the end of prohibition!. Best of all, the out of staters get to return to Texas and Tennessee supremely proud to be native Mississippians and MSU or Ole Miss alums.

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