Still dancing after all these years

mer and girls

No need for drugs or alcohol.  My gang gets crazy breathing country air.  This gang met in junior high and we’ve been  family ever since.

“Love, Laughter and Losing My Keys: A Boomer’s Survival Guide”will be out in two weeks.  Check it out.  By Emily Braddock Jones. If you grew up in the 50s and 60s, you will love it.

Breaking NFL barriers


Remember this name: Sarah Thomas, pictured last night at MSU with fellow football  official, Jack Vaughan, one of her mentors.  She is slender, tall, beautiful, charismatic and smart. She could also be classified as an expert on the mechanics of football.  I wonder how she got that way while the rest of us girls were taking selfies and eating chocolate chip cookies in the press box.

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It is what it is! Or is it?

best is

I let the stupidest non-issues get on my last nerve and turn me into a raging termagant which, for your information, is the female version of an old curmudgeon.

Remember that word “termagant” because if you’re female you’re probably carrying the gene. The condition begins to present itself with advancing age and loss of the inhibitions which once kept us civil and gave us the reputation as “sweet young things.” The aging beauty can turn into the beast if you get her riled up. But hey, it is what it is, right?

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Rock & Roll in Mississippi

Although Mississippi is known for its Blues, the state spawned many firsts in the genre of Rock ‘n Roll according to John Sumrall who has become an authority on the music of Mississippi Johnny-Valentine_Felsted-Record-2 His book “Classic Magnolia Rock—History of Original Mississippi Rock and Roll 1952-1970” contains a wealth of information on this era so beloved by Baby Boomers everywhere. Sunrall notes that the first rock and roll record to be released world-wide was a song by the original Rolling Stones from Mississippi which we reported several months ago.. The group was formed at Mississippi State College (later named Mississippi State University) in the mid-1950’s and consisted of Andy Anderson, William “Cuz” Covington, Joe Tubb, Bobby Lyon and Roy Estes. Continue reading