Great news: Aging is optional!

bag ladies

Did you know that your attitude about aging can have a bigger influence on your longevity than lowering your blood pressure or cholesterol?

That day we placed grocery bags on our heads (pictured above) and pronounced them “stunning” is a case in point.  It was a cold rainy day which instantly turned sunny when we were together.

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Reframing life


“My life has been filled with terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.” I knew what Mark Twain meant when he made that  wry statement.

Our minds are constantly crammed with negative thoughts and unfounded fears of what could happen.  All these worst case scenarios can make us sick if we don’t do something about them.  Or, better yet maybe we can reframe them.

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Taking cozy seriously

\dancing girls

I like keeping up with unimportant “stuff” – you know like the first frost date, the first bloom date for the Christmas cactus, and I always note on my calendar the first fire of the fall season.

Well, you better make that the first intentional fire – the one conducted in the fireplace and not in the kitchen. The latter happened when I unsuccessfully tried to clean my oven and a greasy pan at the same time. I don’t recommend it.

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