Let the magic happen

miss tat

Oh gee- evidence that old age is setting in and my modus operandus needs tweaking was indicated when two bits of information came to my attention this week.

The first came from my new friend Richard Grant (author of Dispatches from Pluto which is a must read).  This guy is hilarious but one statement he made over lunch got my attention – Big Time! Continue reading

How to remember your best memories


As the years fly by, I find some of my best memories are lost in the minutia of trying to survive everyday life with all its messy, crazy but often wonderful moments.

Sometimes my thoughts are like school kids rushing through the hall without supervision.  Where’s the hall monitor?

So, how can we remember those most wonderful of moments that visit us like a bolt of lightening or linger for a while?  Continue reading

Escaping the Schlumpadinkas

21 - sometimes frump is fun
Above my fellow schlumpadinkas engage in a little harmless schlumpadinking – only problem was they returned to the real world while I kept schlumpadinking.
 _________________So I got all dressed up today. I don’t have a party or anything – not even lunching with friends.  I dressed up to go out front and do some yard work.  Yes, my life has grown so small that going out to do anything seems like a great adventure.

Continue reading

Defining moments


We’ve all had many defining moments.  I just never sat down and thought about them until today.  I even made a list.  Some were negative but most were powerfully positive, due most likely to selective memory (my forte.)

Here are the few I don’t mind sharing: Continue reading