The joy of getting older–but not yet old

me looking good

Subtitle:  Why I love getting older.

Yes – that’s us white water rafting in North Carolina. I was letting Marie and Jill do all the paddling.  We were about sixty that year and who knew more good times were still ahead of us. The best, really.

Let’s face it.  From the moment we’re born, we’re growing older.  But don’t expect me to commiserate about the negatives of aging. I choose instead to dwell on the good side of the condition and I find more to appreciate with each passing year.  Seriously!

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Focus and simplify

I begin each day with those two words firmly implanting in my mind.  By 9 a.m. I’m already scattered across three counties and creating impossible situations.  Am I destined to live this way? 
Today I refuse – and will take drastic action to find an easier path. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.

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Alphabet soup causes indigestion


There is a trend I see brewing in the business world which has become irritating,  if not downright confusing.  As an editor for the past few months I had an opportunity to nip this annoying  habit in the bud, but I failed miserably.  Like a tick, acronyms seem to have burrowed in and won’t budge without more  radical action than I could provide.

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Pack up all your cares and woes


It has taken me three-quarters of a lifetime to learn the secret of how to stop worrying. 

It is so simple I’m embarrassed to share this information.The absolute easiest and quickest cure for worry is to have a project you can engage in to the exclusion of all else going on in your life or the world. It must be something that consumes you, something that makes your heart sing..

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