Aging disgracefully and joyfully


We decided this weekend that aging is a wonderful thing as long as you have someone to do it with. (We all want each other to go first though.)  Nevertheless, my oldest friends celebrated the march of time this weekend with a birthday bash deep in the woods of Monroe County.  (Above Beth, Norma and Judy discover a trick to take years off your face with selfies. The tip will be in my book “Love, Laughter and Losing my Keys: A Boomers Survival Guide.” Excuse the self promotion.

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Daylight and darkness


Today was the coolest August day I can remember in my whole life which is pretty vast.  I spent the day on my back porch with my doors open and AC OFF. My depression melted into the crisp summer sun – yes, crisp and summer have never gone together in  my Mississippi. Today it did.

That, and Ugg, made this day spectacular. A small kitten was sitting on my side stoop when I went out to pick up the paper this morning.  She streaked away like lightening.  Two hours later (when I was dressed and  got made up) she had ventured up on the porch.  I guess I looked like an acceptable parent with makeup. Continue reading

Well, I’ll be a ring-tailed tooter!


This week, I had the joy of attending a family reunion deep in the wildwoods of Tippah County, Mississippi which has long reminded me of Snuffy Smith Country with all the hills and hollows. Not only did I get a taste of the best Southern cooking this side of the Mason Dixon, I picked up a few colloquialisms which I plan to incorporate into my vocabulary. It would be a shame to lose these priceless relics of our distant past.

My most favorite is the term “ring-tailed tooter” which rolled off the lips of my friend Norma while describing a

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