Someday. Isn’t that a day of the week?

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As the year 2014 draws down to a precious few, I’m struck by how many of my high minded goals for the year have not been reached – or in some cases, even attempted.

Let’s see, that gives me about two weeks to lose ten pounds, paint the house and go back to the university to get a degree in horticulture. I’m pretty sure those aren’t doable objectives before New Year’s. Feeling like an utter failure I sat down to strategize about the positive steps I CAN take to salvage this year – no small task for someone who starts her to-do list each day with a reminder to do the to-do list.

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Strangers in a strange land

devilNel and I have been working on our new book which is tentatively titled “What the Hell?” It is about aging disgracefully.  It was her idea and she’s busy painting little devils attacking little angels.

I was calling the book “Now, what?” but she said let’s just throw it all out there and call aging what it is – hell.   I’m not sure my Daddy will approve, but “What the Hell”? I’m sixty something and he’s ninety something and I doubt he can catch me to put me over his knee any longer.

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Having a bad face day?


I’d love to say I’ve mastered the art of growing older gracefully but sometimes there’s just too much getting in the way – like arms that continue to wave long after your company has gone or hair that costs you that same arm AND a leg to keep it looking “natural” which means the way it was in high school. (My high school pals decided to go gray together, but they keep moving it back a year.)

At least you can hide the jiggly arms with long sleeves and the bad hair with hats or just go all the way with ‘’”faux

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Cuttin’ the mustard–my crazy obsession

As I tried to find a place in the refrigerator for the Thanksgiving leftovers, I made an unsettling discovery.  I’m pretty sure I have a mustard addiction.  I counted 16 half used bottles of mustard in a freaky collection that is clearly out of control.

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