Liar, liar pants on fire

pants on fire

A group of my “over 50” cronies were discussing our fascinating lives over coffee the other day.

Two had just returned from a trip to Italy, one had been cross-country skiing in Wyoming, and the oldest one in the group had just placed first in his age bracket in a half marathon.

Me? I had nothing. My big adventure was a

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Taming tigers is risky business


My editorial board (currently composed of me, myself, and I) has begun work on a new book tentatively entitled “Taming Tigers in the Woods”. The “woods” represent that dreaded condition called aging, and the “tigers” are all the factors which conspire to make our passage into this phase of life so treacherous.

The tigers are laying in wait for their opportunity to attack with any weapon they can find to derail our smooth ride through that condition known as Boomeritis.

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The mud rule for better living


    Since we were knee high to a grasshopper, our teachers stressed that we should  treat others as we would have them treat us. But seems to me there is a double standard to encourage the generosity toward our neighbor while practicing miserliness where we ourselves are concerned.

    It has been proposed that we add a new rule – I’m calling it the mud rule. Do not unto yourself what you would not do unto others!  No throwing mud at yourself or anyone else – hence the mud rule. 

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‘Get Back Your Mojo’ Challenge


I guess I’m having a midlife crisis – okay hush you skeptics. I fully plan to live to the ripe old age of 124 which means I’m just barely middle aged. For some time now  I’ve been struggling with something to which I can’t assign a name.

I gave myself a facial but it didn’t make me feel any better.  I just felt like an old broad with mud on her face.

My old friend, the late Ada Harvey, called the condition

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