Van Gogh? No, but close.

P2180101My new friend, Paul Buckley,  is producing some pretty stunning art on his computer.

I gave this one of downtown Starkville at sunset to my son for his birthday.  Paul waited days with his telephoto lens to capture the scene on the one day in the year when the sunset produces this effect. Unfortunately, my phone camera didn’t do it justice.

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Dressing your age? (Not yet)


Get back in your box Baby Boomers! How dare you try to escape.

One of the greatest challenges Baby Boomers face as we age is how to dress ourselves without looking frumpy or like a wrinkled teenie bopper with tattooed legs (if you’re lucky enough to have spider veins).

It is like finding buried treasure when we actually stumble upon a pair of jeans that fit properly, or a pair of high heels you won’t tumble off of and break an ankle. Wearing matching ace bandages on your ankles is a prudent idea whose time has come. (This also makes people think you are athletic.)

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Fun without me? I think so.

ultimate best marganitas and doug

I never dreamed the girls of West Point High School Class of 65 would have fun on the road without me.  Well, I just heard that they did today and I’m pretty ticked off.

We headed out on a road adventure last Thursday and were making new memories by the baskets full when I was distracted by one of those Louisiana guys.  In the meantime, they picked up a guy from Ocean Springs who  turned out to be my first cousin. Small world, isn’t it?

Above:Norma, Marie, LC, Beth and Hazel are pictured with Doug McCall, who was signing his new book at an Arts Festival on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.)

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