Stop the world, I want to get off

stopIt boggles the mind trying to imagine how far technology will take us in the next 15 years based on how far we’ve come since the dawn of the new millennium.

Smart phones, hi speed internet and GPS systems are old news by now.  I get a little uneasy when I realize my phone is smarter than I am, and I really don’t like to think about what is around the bend.

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Here’s a tough assignment for you

kidsOkay.  Pretend you are a mere child splashing in the ocean without one single thought about your future.

You’re maybe seven  or eight  and just getting to the stage where other people are trying to impose their expectations on you.. (You can’t possibly be a fire-woman, what would grandma think?)

What advice would the old geezer in you (who has been around the block a few times) give that innocent little child whose experience was limited only by his/her imagination.

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The class we never had

happiness ult
Today I was thinking about the quality (or lack thereof) of my university education.  The reason I majored in journalism was because the line for elementary education was too long, and the line for journalism had only seven takers – all guys.

What I did next was a no-brainer.  I stepped over into the all-guy line and my fate was sealed.  I would become a journalist.  Had a nice ring to it, plus I had a date for dinner before I paid my fees.The girls in the elementary education line are probably still waiting.  (My Mama taught me well.)

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Art of the compliment


I decided not to take my daily dose of Damnitol, so I’m being especially nice on this July morning. I’ve got a challenge for you today – offer at least two people a genuine compliment. Yes, I’ve already chalked up one at the farmers market when I gushed to a farmer over his white eggplants.

It’s been said that a human can live for two months on a good compliment. Me? I can go a year tops, then I start fishing for them.

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