Santa arrived in Fed Ex truck this year

I’m guessing Rudolph got sick of being the butt of all the reindeer jokes and decided to sleep through Christmas this year.  My gifts all came early in a gas powered vehicle.  My family and I have already cleared the gift giving portion of Christmas due to work schedules.

I’m wee bit ashamed to tell you we elected to open the brown boxes instead of re-wrapping all the stash.  We figured it saved on the expense of gift wrapping paper and scotch tape, and there was the added surprise in opening the gifts without a clue as to whom they belonged.  Continue reading

My love affair with quinoa


I’ve been on a diet since age 12 and I’m sick of the whole process which has done little more than give me an eating disorder.  I cannot enjoy dining because I’m mentally counting carbs or calories.

First same Metrical (remember that awful canned science project?), then a series of deprivation diets such as Weight Watchers, The Mediterranean Diet, Atkins, South Beach and Slimfast. Continue reading

Looking ahead bluntly and bravely


Pardon me for jumping ahead of myself but it has come to my attention that some of the kids of the 1940s are beginning to turn 70 already!

How can that be?  It’s gotta be a trick designed to force us to buy more ginsing, Maalox and really ugly shoes. Still, the beginning of a new decade is a good time to take an inventory of where we are and where we’d rather be. In other words, we might as well choke or get a grip Continue reading

Getting crafty at Christmas time


Handmade crafts have never been my “thang”.  Well except when I was a little girl I made a paper chain for our Christmas tree and even that didn’t turn out all that well.

My friend, Kay from Tupelo, decided it was time that I learn to craft again since we’re retired and all.  Besides, my mental age has returned to about age five anyway. .  So she came down this week to teach me how to make Deer Beer.  You may have seen them on Pinterist and they are pretty cute. Continue reading