Now what?

photo“The Book” will be out next week (cover at left – poor quality because I shot it from a poster), Then I learned this week that my pesky cancer has returned, but I am strangely pumped.  Go figure.

By now you know that my book “Love Laughter and Losing My Keys: A Boomer’s Survival Guide” will be out next week.  So I’d best be about surviving this stubborn cancer bugger lest my book title go down the drain with my book sales.  The big question is NOW WHAT?

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You who–is anybody listening?


This week, I followed a young man as he wandered through Walmart. I wasn’t stalking him exactly; I was just fascinated by the running dialog he was feeding into his cell phone. Without taking a breath he talked non-stop while he gathered everything from cat food to boxer shorts. He never paused to allow his caller a single word.

Truth be told, I’m probably just as bad although I don’t make it a practice of conducting my business in the middle of Walmart. I suspect we have a listening crisis in the 21st century. With so many things competing for our attention, it’s no wonder listening is no longer a priority.

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