Jones: Party of one


In only hours 2015 will be but a memory and a brand New Year will be launched.

Tonight I’ll be avoiding all people, parties and primping – opting instead I’ll bundle up in my sweats with two dogs and a cat in front of the fire.  We will be watching a delicious new Netflix series entitled “Harper’s Island.”

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New toys in town


Let me preface this by saying that I begged my children back in September to withhold the giving of any more digital electronics this year for Christmas.  My learning curve has grown too steep and I was content to do most things the old-fashioned way or not at all.

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Announcing the Best Xmas Ever Awards!

10 girls and a guy

The season can officially begin now that my friends of 60 plus years celebrated this weekend.  From left seated:Kathy Scalzo, Gail Todd (who came all the way from Colorado) and the Deluded Diva.  Back from left Olivia Catledge, Marie Portera, Norma Clark, Beth Hooker, Ruthie Stafford, Linda Barton, Ann Edwards and Tinker Lautar. (Many names have changed by marriage, but I remember them the way they were.)

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Move the sofa; change your life

more moving

See?  I’m a lot like an award winning actress. Since I was a wee little child, I have felt a burning need to rearrange my life starting with the furniture.

At first I was only compelled to start “The Big Shove” as I’ve come to think of it, to the first few hours after a trip of more than two or three hours.

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Burn baby burn


My very own little Mayberry is enjoying a flurry of Christmas parties and neighbors are exchanging lovely gifts of cookies and quick breads.  What’s a girl to do if she’s been fighting the middle age frump since she was 28 years old and getting through the rest of the month without monumental weight gain will be challenging?

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