Aging with an attitude


We can hardly expect the generation that brought us Woodstock and The Beetles to go quietly into the night.  The Baby Boomers broke all the rules in our youth so dare we expect less as we age?

I have decided to change my approach to this aging thing.  After all, we’re all doing it from the day we’re born to the day we decide to jump out of a plane on our 80th birthday – hopefully wearing a parachute!

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Sweatpants get bad rap

sweat shirt

Today I went to Wal-Mart for my weekly visit. On a whim I wandered into the clothing section to see if the sweatpants and shirts might be on sale.  Since we’re near the end of the harshest winter in my memory,  my uniform (aka my sweat wardrobe) is permanently tattooed with chili stains and puppy throw up. (Feeding the left over chili to pets is never a good idea.)

Indeed, the sweats were on sale. (I’ve been watching a lot of British television on Netflix and have adopted a slight British accent and say things like “indeed” when agreeing with

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