Paperwhites herald spring

paperwhites in bloom Jan. 6 036

I know, I know.  Winter has barely begun and today is Kings Day  which officially heralds the last day of the Christmas season.


I had the dreaded task of taking down my Christmas decorations. As I wandered out back to compost some poinsettias, what did I find but a stand of paperwhites blooming their little hearts out right up through a wooden walkway.

I had no idea these little jewels bloomed so early.  And I have no idea how the bulbs got in my garden, but I’m awfully happy about it. You can’t be depressed when you have paperwhites blooming on a dark desolate day in early January.

6 thoughts on “Paperwhites herald spring

  1. A beautiful sight—–makes me want to get back to gardening—( but I fear those days are gone)

    Shirley D.

  2. I found one paperwhite blooming just before Christmas. I added it to the gift I was taking to my great aunt, who was having a bad day. It brightened my day and hers.

  3. Donna – I did take it as a sign. It gave me hope that I’ll see you again. You are the most special “wife” from the Class of 65.

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