Partying like it’s 1979

tree girl, sked 002

I just returned from three open houses and I can attest to the fact that The Great Recession hasn’t hit my town just yet. We are partying like its 1979. What does that mean exactly? Were things so good in 1979?

Funny thing though.. At all three parties, the women were all wearing black..myself included. I suspect it’s not so much in deference to the economic plight, but more because we’ve all been overindulging and think black makes us look thinner. I thought we looked more like a covey of witches.

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year is the “bling girl” pictured above. Norma gave me this ornament to go on my Christmas tree. We were laughing about how that’s the way we used to dress for parties. But that’s when we had 24 inch waists. No, wait, that’s when we had waists. Period.  Exclamation point.

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