Party’s on – the cavalry arrived to save the day!

cavalry arrives 002

Just now, I was putting the finishing touches on my luncheon tomorrow for 10 of my best high school friends.

It was a challenge since my garbage disposal died, rendering my dish washer unusable, and I discovered that my drain was dumping everything under the sink.  I was toying with the idea of using paper plates for the party.

cavalry arrives 001

How did we live without two sinks, a garbage disposal and a dish washer?

Bob Rives, the best plumber in Dixie, drove up in his Sanford and Son truck just when I had decided to use paper plates.  I knew he would, but it was 3 p.m. and I was losing hope of getting repairs done until next week.

He crawled around and tinkered here and there, and lo and behold I am back in business.  This man is a genius. He saved me $6,000 earlier this year when some hot shot plumber from Columbus told me he would have to dig up my driveway to solve the problem of roots in my line. He had a fancy camera and took photos of the line – I’m wondering if it was just an old Polaroid without any film.

As a last resort I called Bob (I thought he had retired or I would have called him in the first place). He came and spent 90 minutes crawling around under my house, and has yet to bill me. I  haven’t had a problem since (knock on wood).  Today, I insisted that I pay him something.  “Okay,” he said.  “You can pay me for a service call.”

My dishwasher is humming away gloriously.

His grand total was $45.  I asked him to stay for dinner.

If you’ve got a good plumber, you’d better hang on to him.  No one seems to be going into plumbing these days.  What a pity – they can make more than a cardiologist, unless you are Bob Rives.  He just seems to enjoy fixing things.

6 thoughts on “Party’s on – the cavalry arrived to save the day!

  1. I love Bob—he has saved my life many times——in the plumbing area, that is. And, I will add, he loves roses.

    Shirley Dawkins

  2. I’m saving this as a “favorite”! Hope I don’t need him, but with my luck, it could happen at the worst possible time!! Glad you’re back in “business”!

  3. Wonder if he would come to Grenada? I’m having kitchen sink problems and a rocking toilet. I don’t know who I can trust!! I’d pay for his gas or milage. I guess I just need to move closer to Starkville.

  4. I ran into him at the Garden Expo in March and was very surprised to see him there. You just don’t expect your plumber to be a Rosarian!

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