Pass-a-long plants are the best!

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Felder Rushing has written an entire book extolling the joys of pass-a-long plants, and I’m a believer. 

There’s something spiritual about receiving a pot of something that looks like a twig. You plant it in the ground, give it shot of water and  have faith that it will fruit somewhere in the distant future.

Today, as I was wandering through my winter-ravaged garden, I suddenly spied something hot pink through the dead left-overs of last year’s border. Then, I remembered Shirley bringing me a pot of “something”, she wasn’t sure what, but assured me there would be a pay back.

Pay back came today. The foliage is lovely by itself, but it was springing forth in bloom.  Oh, Hark. I feel the need to wax poetic! 

You’re never supposed to thank anyone for giving you a plant – not sure why.   You must remember when it gets established, to pass it on.

Shirley, do you remember this and do you know what it is?  Seeing how it’s multiplied, I bet it will be a real show stopper next year.  Perennials always are after they decide if they like you or not. 

The growing of perennials is an act of faith and it teaches us patience.  Oh, how I wish I could thank Shirley, but alas, I can’t.  She will understand.

3 thoughts on “Pass-a-long plants are the best!

  1. Lynette McDougald, my friend and the best “flower lady” in our part of the world, gave me Felder’s book ten years ago. It is a beautiful book, and one of my all time favorite “flower books”….it combines plant knowledge with plant pass along stories!
    A must have for all of us who love to dig in the dirt!

  2. Emily——I believe that it is a Columbine “passed along” to me by Dr. Giles many years ago. The Columbine will last into the early summer and then disappear until next year—–to come back to life in many new places. It is fun to see where it decides to reseed. When I see a plant given to me by someone, I am always reminded of that person. Be sure and tell Ginger Giles Jones about this (in case she is not reading it).

    Shirley D.

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