Pet health can cost more than a car!

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My granddawg, Sally above. She will cost Braddock about $12,000 and that doesn’t include college tuition.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  “On average a dog costs us $1,200 a year and a cat will run you about $800,” reported a news source. I went to my Quicken program and discovered my Vet bill last year on Lucky Dawg alone was greater than my doctor bills.

Hmm.  I just informed Lucky Dawg she has to get a job.

Since I’ve been encouraging everyone to adopt a pound pet, maybe I should offer some tips on how to save a few bucks on pet care.  I found some tips on line which I’m sharing although they seem a bit extreme (monthly Vet visits?  I don’t think so).

Most of the tips involve steps you can take that serve as preventative measures so that you don’t have much higher costs down the road. Below is the quick list of 10 areas where you can reduce pet health costs. The article provides all of the details. I would say step 1, 2, 7, and 10 are the ones you really need to pay attention to.

I keep remembering Tubby, the Boston terrier I grew up with.  She lived to be 17 years old and to my knowledge never saw a vet except that time Glenn Taylor ran over her while she was chasing his car.  She got up and growled at him as if to say “Don’t ever do that again!”

1. Vaccinations – find out which ones are necessary – I just learned it isn’t necessary to have pets vaccinated every year and may even be harmful.  Your Vet can administer a vaccination that is good for three years.
2. Heartworm protection – prevention is key – Braddock and I went to and got a great deal on heartworm medication.  BUT we had to have our Vet write a prescription.  He agreed to sell us the medication at the same rate we could have gotten on line.  Ha! See how that works?
3. Dental care – good health starts with healthy teeth, invest in quality toothpaste, gels and rinses.  (Yeah, right.  I can’t see Rebel gargling after each meal.  I keep telling him to floss but he flatly refuses.)
4. Exercise and diet – you are what you eat, pets suffer from obesity too, so make sure that they have a healthy diet and are getting enough exercise.  I guess I should stop pouring the bacon drippings over Rebel’s Gravy Train.
5. Pet insurance – a small monthly fee may save you hundreds – has anyone looked into this?  Just curious.
6. Wellness exams – make sure they get their monthly check ups to catch problems early.  Say what?  MONTHLY?
7. Spay/neuter – not only prevents unwanted pregnancies, but also may reduce risk of certain cancers.  Seriously, we all need to do this.
8. Prevent accidents – pet-proof your home and yard.
9. Know your pet – helps to know ‘family’ history of the pet, so you know what genetic ailments to be on the lookout for.  (Lucky Dawg, who’s yo mama? She refuses to tell.)
10. Give love  freely – now that I can do.

2 thoughts on “Pet health can cost more than a car!

  1. Hey Emily, enjoyed your pet article. On the pet insurance, I checked too late on my cats, if your pet is over 10 years old they won’t insure. From what I recall it would run about $20 per month on each pet. Good coverage especially if you have a couple of spoiled rotten dawgs! There are several companies online. Know anybody who wants a registered red persian cat, four years old? I’ll even bring to Mississippi, have a friend looking for a home for him, critically ill sister. Hope your training is going good.

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