Pet may be woman’s best friend too


A third of pet owners miss their pets more than their mate or significant other when they’re out of town.

We all love our families, friends and pets – not necessarily in that order. It seems a lot of you can relate.  Get this:

According to a new survey, one in three Americans admit they miss their pets more than their partner when they’re out of town.

And in three say that when they’re traveling, they feel guiltier leaving their dog behind than they do their family and friends. But that’s not all . . .

lucky hallloween 079 One in seven  pet owners say they’ve “shared a look” with their dog at least once. And more than that claim they can read their dog’s facial expressions.

One in three dog owners say they’ve had an entire “conversation” with their pet. And even though not a single word was spoken, they both understood how the other was feeling.

Nearly two in three pet owners say their dog is more dependable than their closest friends.

Seventy percent  would rather unwind by taking a walk with their dog than hanging out with friends.

One of my neighbors and I were chatting about what we would save if our home caught on fire while we were out knocking around in the garden.  She said would rush in to save her miniature chihuahua  rather than her husband who was asleep in his recliner.  She was joking of course, but the point was clear.

Overall, nine in ten pet owners say their dog . . . not their family members . . . is happiest to see them after a hard day at work. And just as many say their dog is most likely to notice if they’ve had a tough day. (Source: Yahoo News)

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