Pilgrimage to the old place

lee reunion 006

June used to be the month of weddings. Now it seems to be the month of reunions and remembering.

Today, Daddy (pictured above) and I  attended the biannual reunion of my mother’s family in South Mississippi. We visited the home which my grandparents built in the early 1900s and where my mother was born and raised.  No wonder I love old homes so much. My grandparents lived there until my grandmother died.

Mother’s been gone for 33 years and Mama and Papa died in the 80s, but they all live in our memories and in the old place which has been lovingly cared for since it left our family.  I wanted so badly to go knock on the door and ask to come inside.

But I knew how mortified I’d be if someone arrived unannounced and wanted to peer inside my house.   Un-uh, don’t ever come to my house without giving me three days notice at a minimum.

So Daddy and I sat in the car and remembered all the times we spent on that porch, and about the time mother brought him home to meet the family in 1941.

And we remembered  the time Mama Lee, my grandmother,  tuned in to “War of the Worlds” on the radio and took all four of her girls, (my mother was the youngest) and made them crawl under the bed to escape the invasion of aliens!

lee reunion 002

A highlight of the reunion was the appearance of Aunt Dorothy, front and center, of Vicksburg.  She and my mother were contemporaries and played together as children.  How rich is that to hear about your mother’s childhood. Her family, my cousins, are pictured around her.

lee reunion 003 Our cousin, Tommy Little, has been named Mississippi’s Poet of the Year for 2010.

He read a few excerpts from his latest book of poetry.  My favorite was a poem called “Death in the Barber’s Chair” about a kid “getting his ears lowered” in the days when a haircut was 50 cents.

Okay, one more reunion to go – my class reunion.  I hope I can live until August.  I do love a good reunion.

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