Plastic people recycled poorly

muffin face

You read about celebrities trying to hang onto their youth through costly procedures such as “thigh-po-suction”, eye lifts, and pumped out lips and cheeks (they call it “muffin face” in Hollywood).  I would probably give it a try, but with my luck I would turn out like our “makeover model” above.

And while I’m ranting…Please! May we stop referring to midlife women as still beautiful at a certain age!  One newspaper referred to Christie Brinkley as “still stunning at age 54.”

In a recent article, More magazine noted “We don’t see them writing “Donald Trump – still rich at 62,” or “Jon Stewart – still short at 46.”  So why do we insist on adding “still beautiful” to describe any woman who still looks nice over the age of 40.  Heck 40 was easy. Fifty-Eleven – not so much!

4 thoughts on “Plastic people recycled poorly

  1. Sheesh. Why can’t they just say, “The beautiful Christie Brinkley?” I mean, it’s not like she’s not beautiful. People age…they don’t just suddenly turn ugly. If she was beautiful at 20, 30, 40…she’ll still be beautiful at 60.

  2. Dunno ’bout that Sunshine.

    Since my hair WON’T turn gray, people say I don’t look my age. Yeah, right, so now, I don’t look older, just worse!!!


  3. Nancy – you mean you haven’t experienced the joys of having your hair colored? Never washed out the stuff to find magenta hair? You don’t know what you’re missing!

  4. Em,
    Right now, I’m more interested in defying the laws of gravity!
    You get my shift…er…drift. Cuz

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