Poor boy – wonder what he did to deserve this?

truck notes 007

As I wandered out to pick up the papers this a.m. I was greeting by a spectacle even I couldn’t have dreamed up.  There in front of my house was my neighbor’s truck completely covered with sticky notes.  Bless his heart!

truck notes 009

Brenda came running out and we speculated on what the poor boy did to deserve such treatment. 

We figure it was done by a woman’s scorned … and her entire sorority.  That took quite a bit of time and I’m just glad it didn’t rain and wash the notes away. 

He hasn’t awakened yet, but I’m poised on the porch with camera in hand so I can get his first reaction – and the rest of the story.

I’m so impressed by this little touch of creativity, that I’m adding it to my playbook – just in case anyone messes with me in the future.  This is way better than rolling someone’s yard with toilet paper.

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