Potager yields first fruit

tomato 001

I picked my first vine ripened tomatoes this morning and have a truck load coming on in my potager.  That’s just a fancy French name for a flower garden and vegetable garden planted together- the way they do in Europe.

first tomatoes 001

The tomatoes, basil, spinach, eggplant and squash seem to enjoy the company of daylilies, coleas, and cannas.  It’s not as organized and tidy as I’d envisioned, but as long as the tomatoes keep coming, I don’t really care so much.

I’ve also remedied the problem I had last year with birds taking big plugs out of the tomatoes before I could get them picked.  My little stray cat, Smirk, who lives on my front porch is ever present, and the birds are no where to be seen.


Smirk’s a little camera shy.  She(or he,  I’m not sure) lives under the old church pew on my porch, a stone’s throw from the potager.

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