Potato chips in the microwave


I know, sounds insane doesn’t it? Everyone knows you can’t do anything in the microwave except warm up your coffee or defrost a package of chicken. 


And besides, even the most ignorant people know potato chips MUST be accompanied by a bag – preferably with the words Zapps stamped on the front.

I defy anyone to tell me something, anything they actually “cook” in the microwave.  My friend – the one named for a comic book character from the 50s challenged my statement.  Lulu makes homemade chips in the microwave. 

Since I’ve been off potatoes since 2011, I had to go to the store and buy one lousy potato to test this recipe.  You know what, I have new respect for the microwave. 

Homemade Potato Chips

1 russet potato
Non stick spray
Parchment paper or glass plate
Salt and Pepper and a little cayenne if you’re brave.

 Carefully slice one third potato into paper thin slices using a mandoline, vegetable peeler, or sharp knife.  Be careful. My friend Hellen cut the tip of her finger off last week slicing vegetables with her new mandoline.  (This is the very reason I don’t own a mandoline – out of respect for my fingers.)

You don’t want to cut any more than a third or half this because any extra slices laying around waiting to be cooked will turn pink in color which destroys the affect you’re after.  Completely coat the paper or glass pate with non-stick spray and place the potato slices in a single layer. Spray the potato slices with non stick spray and lightly sprinkle with seasonings of your choice. Turn off the rotating option on your microwave and cook for 4-5 minutes. Cooking times will vary based on the strength and power of your microwave. Some chips may turn very dark brown. Ideally you want them light and golden.

Also in my microwave some of the chips on the outside layer didn’t cook as quick as the ones towards the middle, so you may need to remove the ones in the middle and cook the outer ones for an additional minute. Repeat the process until you’ve used your entire potato. Enjoy!

Some people have had their microwaves short cut, plates shatter, and potatoes go up in flames.  I’ve never had this experience before, however, please use caution and make sure you use microwavable plates.

The less crowded your plate is, the less problem you will have with the outside chips not cooking as quick as the ones in the middle.

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