Power of the "change jar"

change jar

I go to Fred’s Dollar Store about three times a week.  I love that store.  You can find some of the niftiest stuff and you can get a three pound bag of Alpo for less than $3 which keeps Lucky Dawg and Rebel happy.

I’ve also discovered it’s a great place to pick up loose change – apparently people who shop there are loose with their change, if you please.   I’ve taken to parking as far as I can from the entrance and walking slowly while change hunting.  It’s become a game, and last week I found 22 cents one day, and 26 cents the next. At that rate I could rack up about $80 a year.  I put the “found change” in a jar and I’m wondering how much I will find before the jar is full.

I read a story a while back about a man who hung around drive-through windows and other places where change is likely to fall and not be retreived because of the inconvenience. I can’t recall exactly how much he found daily, but it was around $5.00/day. That works out to be $1,825.00/year.

It’s also useful to check coin return slots in vending machines. If you happen to be near one, check and see if there’s any change and if there is, drop it in your pocket and put it in the jar. Every little bit helps and it takes almost no effort at all.

It’s a simple and nearly effortless way to build up your personal savings. I challenge you to keep your eyes on the ground while doing your errands – you’ll be surprised how much you might find!

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