Practice a “love day”


Years ago, I read that you should claim one day a month and declare it “Love Day.”

The rules are simple.  You just get out of bed and begin to practice love in any form you can imagine.

You go pick up your neighbor’s paper and put it on his porch.  You drive to the store and compliment the check-out lady on something.  Okay, doesn’t matter if its her fourteen inch nails or her cheek tatoo.  Just compliment it, even if you want to barf.

valen You’ll be on a roll.

You’ll pick up any trash you see on the road and take it to a garbage can.

You’ll wave to the mailman and give him a “V” sign. You’ll smile at the guy at the four-way stop and motion him to go first.

You go buy a cheap pack of hot dogs, microwave them for two minutes and toss them to any animal you see.

On and on, do anything you would never have done on a normal day when  you bitch and complain, regret and resent.

I’ve done this on several occasions-and you’ll be surprised how good it makes you and everyone around you feel. Just a suggestion for Valentine’s Day.

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