Practicing our aging skills

my 63rd at Normas 002 We brunched and lunched over at Norma’s beautiful lakeside home deep in the rolling hills of Clay County today – still celebrating our adventure into the year fifty-thirteen of our residency on the planet Earth.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re on the right planet. my 63rd at Normas 004 Thanks to my handsome new walking stick – a gift from Marie – and hand carved by her son-in-law from the branch of a pear tree, we were able to practice how we will get around when our children take our cars away.

We did a little “hobbling” which sent us all into stitches.  They say that laughter keeps you young, so I doubt we’ll need the giddy up sticks”  for many, many years. Mine is a fashion statement and I will be taking it to church on Sunday.

my 63rd at Normas 005 In the meantime, we did a little sitting and rocking on Norma’s back porch.

Have you noticed how much we’ve  been living on someone’s porch lately.

But hey, we must enjoy it before summer’s heat sets in.

On the way home, we discussed how old we would be if we didn’t know how old we were.  Marie said 45, I guessed 47.  I’m not sure that extra two years is worth all the working out Marie does at the gym.  I’ll take 47… and a Hershey Bar… and a gin fiz.  Those were the days when we could do both and get away with it.

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