Prairie Arts Fest – We went to buy art and got distracted


My deluded diva sustahs (above Norma, Olivia, Ruthie and Marie) and I worked the Prairie Arts Festival this weekend. Before our shift began, we walked through the fine arts village and savored the wonderful pottery and sketches. (And ate some pretty good Chicken on a stick, chased with a funnel cake too.)

chips place I was intent upon buying something important…something from a young, up and coming artist, that would appreciate in value. But neeew. I came home with a rusty old 1940 license plate from the State of Wisconsin and a bad knock off of a designer handbag that reminded me of a dairy cow. What drew me to those things I’ll never know. They gave us free T-shirts for working the festival. So the day was a total success.

We had fun and got to spend some quality time together. Our deluded sustah, Olivia, even brought her husband Mack and grandson John Bonner who lost his brand new sneakers somewhere along the way. If anyone finds a tiny pair of New Balance shoes, we would love to get them back.


Norma, Marie, Olivia and I decided to have our picture taken before our make-up melted. Glad we did, because it did.

Below, Olivia’s husband Mack and grandson John Bonner were playing with the animals while we spent money frivolously. We would have done better to hang out with them!

Pooped but a happy little boy.

p.s. – I just realized these photos of John Bonner were taken during the Portera’s trip to Disney Land.  I was wondering how I missed Pluto!

3 thoughts on “Prairie Arts Fest – We went to buy art and got distracted

  1. Emily, Love your website! Remember when we used to play piano duets? That was at least 100 years ago. I was looking for pictures from the PAF that Olivia told me about. I’m going to subscribe to your website. Looks pretty good. Love all the pictures, especially of the band.

  2. Thanks so much for helping at the Information/Hospitality Tent — it is always interesting and we do have fun, I hope!! By the way, the pictures are great.

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