Projects for fall


For years I’ve been keeping notebooks in which I glue photographs torn out of magazines depicting food I want to cook and ideas for my house and garden. The books serve as inspiration for my otherwise bland existence but they’ve gotten all dog-eared and stained by spilled coffee and constant thumbing through.


mantel in gardenNow that Pinterest is in my life, it’s much easier to organize my favorite photos.  Here you can see the first shots that are now in  my digital notebook aka Pinterist. Incidentally.  I want to start a “boot herb garden” similar to the lead shot. I don’t have much sun in my courtyard so colorful boots will punch up the greenery.  If you happen to lose a boot, save me the extra so I can begin my collection.

I’d also like to put in a fireplace like this along my back fence line.  Isn’t this fabulous?  If you see an old house being torn down give me a call so I can come dicker with the demolishers for a fireplace.  Jemma Camp gave me a start from her “hot poker plant” which has blooms that look like flames.  Now I know where to plant.


This is my all time favorite at left.  I’m doing this as I write this post.

I bought an old oak dresser from Brenda when she and I had a joint garage sale. I bought all her junk and she bought mine.  We were no better off in the end, so we won’t be doing that again.

The chest as been on my back porch for three years waiting to be stripped and stained.  It contained my gardening supplies until today when I stuffed it with plants. 

Love, love, love it now, and it was worth every one of the $50 I paid for it.  Best of all I don’t have to refinish it. 

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  1. Emily, if you could find 2 decorative columns, even the cheap plastic ones, I bet, with a few boards, nails, glue and a bucket of paint, you could make your own “fireplace.” When you want a fire in it, candles in those glass hurricane candle holders would give you that look.

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