Pumpkin continues march on the South

Last fall, after all the trick-or-treaters were gone and the Thanksgiving turkey only a memory, I chunked four pumpkins into the bath tub that masquerades as a planter on my tiny courtyard. I figured they would decay and fertilize the nandinas growing in the tub. Low and behold all four sprouted wings and began to march across the courtyard. I let them have their way, more out of curiosity than the desire to produce pumpkins.

After months, they are blooming like crazy but nary a pumpkin has presented itself. The vines are creeping across my courtyard by inches a day and covering the outdoor furniture. They are really beautiful and I can’t bring myself to reclaim my space. Now I’m checking daily to see if a pumpkin will appear. Kind of like I keep wondering if the tooth fairy will show up and leave money under my pillow by mistake.

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