Rain, Rain, go away!


I certainly hope there is a good outcome for the day ahead as we face another wave of tornedo-spawning storms in Northeast Mississippi.

Starkville and West Point must be like Sodom and Gomorrah- because Mother Nature seems to have it in for us.

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For the third time in as many weeks we have stayed glued to the weather channel.  The weather man tells us today will be the worst yet.

I spent most of the night running back and forth to my “safe place” which is my hallway in the middle of the house.  Getting Rebel and Lucky to stay with me in the hallway  forced me to feed them non-stop puppy treats.  Now Rebel is throwing up all over the place.

It wasn’t like we had howling winds or rain pouring through the windows. But it was ominous still.

The following poem expresses my feelings – author unknown..

The emergency alarm went off again as the wind began to howl all around, sounding like a livid cat shrieking at a hound.
I flee to my house as that soft pitter patter begins to fall
Then grows to the great Civil War, refusing to stop at all.
I feel my cheery mood begin to disperse
From happy-go-lucky to something much worse.
Outside, the only thing I can hear is drip drop, drip drop.
Inside my heart, the only thing I can feel is flip flop, flip flop.
I try to play a game, then read an old novel.
But, to my dismay, the only thing I want to do is find Mother Nature and grovel.

They say April showers bring May flowers.  We can only hope….

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