Ready to do some ‘Tailglamating’?


All kinds of new terminology is evolving as the culture continues to transform itself.

Last year the buzz word was “staycation” as people tried to cope with a severe recession and ridiculous gas prices. Staying at home and finding new local experiences trumped the cross country trip during vacation time.

Now we hear about “glamping” which is shorthand for glamorous camping and it’s showing up in the most unlikely places.

To me glamping is reminiscent of tailgating in the grove at Ole Miss.  It in no way upscaleresembles the time honored tradition of letting down the back of the pick-up truck and using it for a buffet table for pimiento cheese sandwiches and Mountain Dew.  The Ole Miss tradition today requires a tent, a caterer, a florist, and silver serving pieces.

That’s glamping in a nutshell.  The New York Post recently mentioned “glamping” in an article on a new website for luxury travel, (The story also referred to “jetrosexuals” as a globetrotting jetsetter who thinks nothing of hopping on a plane to Asia for a shopping spree.)

If you thought camping was a budget vacation option, you’ll have to readjust your expectations for glamping. Three-night packages at some of the “glampier” wilderness areas start off at $4,100 a person, double occupancy.

But back to what I call “tail-glamating” at Ole Miss (that’s glamorous tailgating in Emily-speak).  We still do it the old fashioned way at Mississippi State and serve our pimiento cheese sandwiches right out of plastic containers.  How could we be so crude?

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