Rebel and Lucky Dawg go vegetarian

women's club and vege pups 003

I got home tonight after being gone for 10 hours.  Lucky Dawg and Rebel met me at the door, dancing their usual welcome home number, and letting me know in no uncertain terms that they were hungry.

I filled their bowl with Kibble & Bits and looked for the usual toppings they love – usually I half a cheap hot dog from Kroger (89 cents a pack), toss it in the microwave for 2 minutes and they think it’s sirloin.  If hot dogs are not available, I will toss a few tablespoons of home-made chicken broth on the top and they think they are at Emeril Lagasse’s.

No such luck tonight – I cleaned out the refrigerator earlier this week and there was a bag of spinach and a can of roasted red peppers.  Oh, and a six week old honeydew melon – the last thing from my garden.  I began to chop it up for the compost pile and regretted that I hadn’t eaten it before it died.

women's club and vege pups 004 They sat expectantly thinking this was the big treat. Hmmm.  But wait. It still looked green and fresh. I took a bite.

Never have I tasted a sweeter and more luscious melon. I gave Rebel a bite and he swallowed it whole and I swear he smiled.   Lucky jumped up for hers. She sucked it up and jumped for more.

The three of us had honeydew melon for dinner and it was utterly delicious. I swear, it’s been in there since Ruthie and Marie turned 62 – wasn’t this this century?

I took the rinds out to the compost pile and saved the seeds for next year.  Damn, I’m good.


2 thoughts on “Rebel and Lucky Dawg go vegetarian

  1. did u know that dogs love most everything we eat. they particularly like peanut butter and it’s not bad for them. The only treats my dogs get are the ones i make (w/peanut butter) and they go outside to “pretend” to take care of business, only to rush inside for another treat.

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