Recipe for younger looking skin

container of cosmetic moisturizing cream with pink orchids and towel

We met a 73 year old woman this weekend at Myrtle in May, who had really good skin.

No way did she look her age!

Of course, we asked her secret and she was happy to share this tip.  She makes up her own skin cream and uses it head to toe.  She makes it up for pennies and it seems to work for her.

Here’s the formula in case you want to give it a try it.


It’s similar to a cream Ruthie made for us several years ago using inexpensive ingredients from the local Dollar General store – with a slight, but radical variation.

Martha’s secret formula skin cream

2 tubes Dollar General Hemorroid cream (Yes, you read it right)

2 jars Dollar General Vitamin E Cream

1 bottle pink Dollar General Baby Lotion

Romatique oils from Walmart if you want to add a nice fragrance (optional).

Mix above ingredients in a bowl until well blended and smooth.  You can then put back into the empty Vitamin E Jars to store or give as gifts.

4 thoughts on “Recipe for younger looking skin

  1. I have a smiliar recipe:

    1 7.5 oz DG Petroleum Jelly
    2 15 oz DG Baby Lotion
    4 8 oz. DG Vitamin E (w/wheat on label)

    Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix w/ spoon or hands.

    I put mine in the microwave for a minute at a time several times to liquify the petroleum jelly so that it would mix well. Works great on rough feet.

  2. Emily, I looked for the ingredients at DG. Couldn’t find hemorroid CREAM, only had ointment. Don’t think that would work? Guess I could use another off brand. Oh, well.

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