Redneck, and proud of it

redneck pet carrier

Redneck pet carrier

I have lived in Starkville, Mississippi for almost 12 years and I get pretty sick of people calling us rednecks. Mississippi State University was begun as an agricultural college way back in 1878 and our friends up the road (from Ole Miss) or sideways (from Alabama) just love to call us rednecks. “Takes one to know one,” I always say.

I’m not sure how the term “redneck” was coined, but it’s a badge I wear proudly. I ran across a cute web site that helps clarify who might be a redneck. If your blackberry looks like this, you might be a redneck:

redneck blackberry

Or if your bathtub looks like this:

Or, if your vehicle looks like this:

redneck pick-up

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