Reflections on retirement


One of the nice things about reconnected with our friends from bygone days is that we can share growing older together and laugh at our common foibles.


If we’re lucky enough to have had great friendships, it is even fun and each new day is an adventure. (We heartily agree we wouldn’t want to be 25 again with all its insecurities and struggles to find out who we are/were.)

My college friend, Kay, penned the following to which I relate:

Twas the year after retirement and all through my house
was clutter and mess … I felt like a louse.

My hair was disheveled.  My dishes not done.
With many hours to do them, no longer just one.

I started this morning with vim and a goal.
After washing my clothes, I just felt so old.

My dog sleeps beside me.  I hear her snore.
I stiffle a yawn.  Tired to the core.

On lists, on exercise, on diets, on motivation!
Why should I do these; I deserve my vacation!

For me, once the poster child for MBO,
I am no longer a woman on the go.

I vow to get up and go room to room.
Straighten and clean, no doom and gloom.

To be continued……………………………Yawn!

MBO is Management by Objective, in case you don’t remember the 70s when we were driven to be the best at whatever it was we did.  It all seems a little silly in 2013 when we have nothing to prove and no boss to please.  Viva Retirement.

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