Remembering Linda

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Today would have been Linda Murrah Clark’s 64th birthday.  I woke up with her on my mind and felt a deep sense of regret for all the years she hasn’t been around to join our little band of West Point girls in trips and lunches.

I remember the day I was deeply depressed while going through a loss.  It was a dark February day and she took me outside and parted the icy terrain in my garden and showed me a patch of scrappy little pansies straining to reach the sunlight.  She told me I would come back too.

She was right.

I remember the last Sunday of her life back in 1999 when she requested that Beth, Bob, Kyle, Heard and I come over to spend a few last moments.  She was very weak as she continued to battle ovarian cancer.  We laughed about the good ole days and all of us had  good cry on the way home, knowing we would probably never see her again.

Heard and I laughed about the time we got mad at her (we were five years old). We took spoons over to her house, fully intending to dig it up!  After a few spoons full, she came out and we all made up.

I remember when we were at Ole Miss and she colored my hair for the first time.  Best color job I ever got.

She taught me how to cook and decorated two of my houses.  I think that’s why I’m hesitant to redecorate.  I loved the colors she picked and the dining room draperies she designed for me.

April 12 will always belong to Linda and I hope to see her again some day.

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  1. I always remember her on this day, too. We celebrated both of our birthdays with a skating party when we were 10! One of my favorite memories of growing up!
    Happy Birthday, Linda!

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