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Today would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday and it’s been a pleasure to see the media take note.

I often wake up at 3 a.m. to watch reruns of “I Love Lucy” on the Hallmark network and laugh myself back to sleep.  She was truly one of the greats and I doubt that new-fangled invention of television would have gotten off the ground back in post war America without her.

luchille My mother and I had a tradition that wasn’t broken even once during the time we could tune in to the show.

Every Monday evening around 6:30, we would be parked in front of the set to watch “I Love Lucy.”  I don’t think we had TV until around 1955 and all we could pick up was Channel 4 in Columbus.

Lucy, and later Andy Griffith, came before homework in my world. I still enjoy watching reruns of both.

ball One of my favorite Lucy episodes was when she landed a role in an advertisement for Vetameatavegemen.  Apparently it was about 90 percent alcohol and with each retake, she grew more inebriated.

Before it was over, she put down and tablespoon and chugalugged it right from the bottle.

I  yearn for the days when you could watch TV with your children or your parents and not turn beet red from embarrassment.

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