Remembering the music of Donna Summer


Next to 50s and 60s Rock ‘n Roll, the Disco Era is right up there as a pleasant memory from the “good ole days.”

Yes, I loved Disco and Donna Summer was The Best.

joh n Ah, it was like yesterday that  I joined about 75 other wannabee disco dancers in the Mississippi State Union Ballroom.

We lined up to learn the basics of disco every Tuesday evening.

Driven by Saturday Night Fever I dreamed of dancing with John Travolta at LynnLou’s on the weekends instead of playing table shuffleboard.

Unfortunately, my classmates were all women.  It was all we could do to get our men into a leisure suit. Regrettable, yes, I know!

In his blog, columnist Mark Joseph made the following observation about Summers.

“Donna Summer will be lauded as the Queen of Disco in most obits, but many of these will miss the important role she played in integrating faith into pop culture, for it was Summer who, faced with a religious conversion at the height of her popularity in 1979, resisted efforts to get her to leave her pop culture perch and plunge into a religious subculture like Cat Stevens and so many other born-again artists had done.”

Well done, Ms. Summers.  Thanks for the memories.

5 thoughts on “Remembering the music of Donna Summer

  1. I can see you discoing. I couldn’t handle the platforms, but you were already used to high heels. I did have a pair of bell bottoms that my mother bought me, while trying to get me out of my hippie denim bell bottoms. They were made out of that material that would melt when near an open flame. I didn’t wear them( fire hazard ). But for you, I would have put the whole outfit on and discoed the night away feverishly on a Saturday.

  2. Ah – Those were the days. Recently single (again) I was entering the dating game (again), so I learned to dance (again) and did the night club scene.
    I must say I was pretty good at disco dancing (when I could stay upright).
    But as for the dating, it was a drag. But Oh such good memories.

    I can still dance, but it is in my motorized wheelchair. I’m pretty good if I must ssy so myself. We need to have a 70’s – 80’s Disco Party to
    show off our moves.
    Cheers – M

  3. It was sad, The Last Dance. Now it’s Barry Gibbs. Night Fever. A lot of my favs are
    checking out, kinda scary!!

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