Renewal at Easter


For people around the world, Easter is a celebration of life and hope that follows a story of agony and despair.

Easter is a spring holiday, and not by accident.  It celebrates Jesus’ triumph over the dark winter of death, and a time when Christians remind ourselves that our faith has a foundation – a solid one.

What a great time to restart our daily lives.  I awoke with a joyful sense of rebirth.  What a great time to make some personal changes.  I’ve noticed I’ve become way too critical – which often happens as we grow older and somewhat “tarnished.”

I complain about everything from weeds in my garden to the poor timing on local traffic lights. I wring my hands over the slightest little affront and retire to my lair to avoid taking risks.

Maybe it’s a good time to start looking for what’s right in the world instead of what’s wrong.  And rather than growing into an grouchy old woman, I’ll go out and take some risks this week.

With  the renewal of life, comes hope, love and vitality.  They are all available to us right now.

Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “Renewal at Easter

  1. Happy Easter to you, too! We are so blessed to serve a risen Lord.

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