Retail therapy trumps bad news

Olivia's new home 001

Was it Thomas Paine who said, “These are the times that try men’s souls?”

So what if he was talking about the American Revolution. We’ve got some pretty trying times right here in the 21st century.  As the US economy teetered on the brink of disaster, my friends and I had a plan (unlike anyone in Washington).

We pooled our resources, filled up my truck with ethanol-contaminated gasoline and headed out for a day of retail therapy.

I’m here to report that  our bizarre histrionics were hugely successful and reduced our stress levels as effectively as the parting of the sea.

We tried on clothes we would never buy, much less get caught dead wearing on the streets. We ate sandwiches the size of surfboards at a little bistro in Tuscaloosa called FIG (Food is Good). We bought a box of cupcakes and ended up on the banks of  the Black Warrior River sampling the goods.

These Daughters of Dixie are nothing if not well balanced.  After a box of cupcakes and on sugar-induced high, we still had the presence of mind to stop at a vegetable stand and buy some homegrown tomatoes and size of cantaloupes.

Olivia's new home 005

A bonus was an invitation from our high school chum, Olivia, to come see her new home, built high on a bluff overlooking the  Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa.

Above you can see the view from her kitchen sink. If I had that view from my sink, I’d get rid of my dishwasher and wash dishes all day long. You can’t see it very well, but I think that’s a castle standing across the river.

Bottom line – if you’re feeling down because of the current failure of our leaders to lead us out of the wilderness, try a little retail therapy. By the time the credit card bill arrives, you can default on your debt along with the deadbeat lawmakers in Washington.



5 thoughts on “Retail therapy trumps bad news

  1. Fun day! I love being with my chums! Can’t wait for our next road trip.Looking forward to taking Olivia on an excursion to Amory and I’m driving, you know you have difficulty in that area with directions. Love your watch, wish I’d gotten one!

  2. So glad you all came over! But alas, we are not on the banks of the Black Warrior, but on the banks of Lake Tuscaloosa…..(which was once North River)…
    Come back soon!

  3. I think you explained that to me Olivia, but it still looks like a river to me! (You know I was never one for details but I’m working on it.)

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