Rethinking holiday gift giving


The economy is in the tank, 14 million Americans are unemployed and the holiday gift giving season is knocking at the door.

What’s a responsible person to do?

My friend Yvonne offered some good suggestions.


Number one, before plunking down good money on gift bags and shirt boxes for those cheap foreign trinkets, why not get a little creative and support your local businesses at the same time.

This year consider gift certificates…a haircut would be nice, or a manicure, or car wash. How about an oil change or a one-day lawn service clean up. Is there someone on your list who would really love to join a gym but hesitates because of the cost?

Bet your Mom would love a cleaning service for a day or maybe your Dad would like a few games of  golf.  And I bet they both would love a gift certificate for a romantic dinner for two at a fine dining establishment.

Let’s support our local economies as much as possible and keep those dollars at home.  Yvonne also suggests we don’t need all those Chinese Christmas lights all over our homes.  Sorry, Yvonne.  I draw the line here. You know I like for my house to look like a honky tonk during the holidays.  That’s going to be a hard habit to break but I’ll try.  Maybe instead of 20 strings of twinkle lights, I’ll reduce it by half.  Wean myself off so to speak.  Next year I’ll half it again.

I have a wonderful idea for my Christmas gift giving – part of the gift is the wrapping.  I can’t go into detail because all my friends are getting one.  Stay tuned.  (This is one Martha Stewart idea I actually embraced.)

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