Return of the drive-in movie

droive in

I was listening to the NBC nightly news just now and heard that the drive-in movie theater is making a come back.  Hooray! I learned how to kiss during a drive-in movie back in 1960. I’ve forgotten how and need a refresher course.


Remember those rusty sound boxes? Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t.  We didn’t  care, the movie was insignificant.

Immediately, I called my ole friend, Phil, (or did he call me?) and we remembered the days when we piled in a car and watched “D” grade movies – and wandered around the open air “theatre,” ignoring the film.  For us, it was “Socialization 101.”

They said we would load people in the trunk of our our cars and get them in  for free. I’m here to tell you we never did that. We didn’t have cars – we would arrive in the back of a pick-up truck.  Good Baptists that we were, we would never cheat.  We were a generation of wholesome kids who got grounded for cussing or cutting up in church.

3 thoughts on “Return of the drive-in movie

  1. I use to love to go to the Drive Inn down on Highway 45 south. Spent many a night wandering around visiting, etc.

    You are right. That was Socialization 101.

  2. Remember those things that you could light that would “keep the mosquitoes away”? Smelled awful.

  3. Paula…I remember the insect repellant rings that they sold at the drive in….I found one in my Mom’s things after she passed away….they had a horrible smell but they seemed to have worked better than any insect repellant…..

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