Revealing my best family tailgate recipe


I was sworn never to give out this recipe.

But, since you are all looking for any reason to come watch the Mississippi State Bulldogs play football, I decided to break my confidence.

You have over a week to get ready. So here goes: (Please don’t pass this along)

MSU Chicken and fixins’ (Extra easy)

*Arrive in Starkville at least three hours prior to kick-off.

*Go west on Highway 12 a couple of miles from the University and turn into the parking lot in front of Lowe’s;

*Enter the drive through at Popeye’s Famous Fried Chicken;

*Ask the lady/gentleman if there are any specials;

*Never mind if there are. Order a 16-piece mixed box with biscuits and beans. Pay up and proceed to waiting area.

*Instruct everyone in your car to visit the rest room;

* Pull up and wait until they are all back in the car and the box of chicken is in your hands;

*Head east on Highway 12 to the MSU campus and park legally (somehow). Walk toward the stadium and spot a tailgate party that looks good. Doesn’t matter if you know them or not. As long as you have on maroon and are toting a box of chicken, they will let you in, and you will have the best meal of your life!

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