Rome Adventure revisited


All of us of a certain age remember the movie, “Rome Adventure”, starring Suzanne Pleshette as Prudence Bell, and Troy Donohue as Don Porter.

Its theme song, “Ai Di La “ has been playing in my head for almost 50 years.

rome holiday

Since the Saints lost and I’ve sworn off football, I shut off the television for good.  Lo and behold I got the TV guide today  and noticed the 1962 movie would be replayed today.

I’m watching as I write and remembering the first time I fell in love.

Of course, it was with bad boy Troy Donohue and the city of Rome.  Wonder what ever happened to Troy.  Rome is still waiting for me.

I was 15 when I saw the movie at the Ritz.  It may have been the only first run movie to ever hit West Point and that wasn’t until it had spun out in the rest if the world.  The reviews were terrible, but I didn’t care. I’ve been looking for my Don Porter ever since.

I sat through the movie three times before my mother came looking for me and made me go home.  But it was too late. I had already mentally departed on a Roman Holiday to the Italian Alps and a relationship with any normal man would be hard pressed to measure up.

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