Royalty? Maybe. But we need your help!

Marc & me snd best seriousMarc and I were informed last week  that we are to be members  of the royal court for the annual Bully Gras Ball set for next weekend at the Starkville Country Club.

Marc is my Duke and I am his Duchess.  (Talk about deluded.) The ball features The Flames – a 60s Tribute Band and I can’t wait. I bought a new gown and I’m even wearing high heels for the first time in six months.  (I’ll be bringing my socks for serious dancing.)

I never dreamed I would be a duchess, much less a queen.  But if we play our cards right we could become royalty!!! But it’s not about Marc and me.  It about people who have lost their homes, their lives.

Here’s the Deal.  The annual Bully Ball is sponsored by the Oktibbeha County Emergency Response Volunteer Services (OSERVS) which assists people affected by an emergencies or natural disasters.

Of course that requires funds, and the Bully Gras Ball,  is a major source of support. It is also Starkville’s translation of the Mardi Gras


2nd best funand  a means of supporting MSU sports, according to Carol Moss, chairman of the OSERVS Board.

Being King and Queen of the court is not a popular vote, but court members are asked to enlist the monetary support of friends.  I’m so timid, it’s hard to ask for money, but Marc has no reservations – thank heavens.

He’s been out beating the bushes while I cheer him on.  But if you could find it in your heart and bank account to spare a donation for a good cause, please do it this week.  Any amount would be appreciated.  ($5 would probably keep me from being embarrassed, but $1,000 would probably put Marc and me on the throne!)

It’s not too late to get tickets to the ball.  They are $50 per person and you may call the number below to reserve a ticket.  If you can’t attend, you can still help.  Please send a check


PO Box 443 – zip 39760
100 HWY 12 East
Starkville, Mississippi 39759

For questions:
Phone: 662-384-2200 | Fax: 662-384-2210 | Email:
Individual tickets  to the ball are $50 pp

Just make sure you note on the check that your donation is to support Marc McGee and Emily Jones for king and queen!!

Okay, then, I’m off to practice waving.

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