Rumors of 2012 – hooey or cause for pause?

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I read with interest a piece on the Mayan Calendar which after being accurate for thousands of years, abruptly ends in 2012.  Fascinating stuff, which some observers believe portends the end of life as we know it.


I’ve heard two dates mentioned, one is December 21, 2012,  but this story reported that the apocalypse will actually occur on August 13, 2012.

I will postpone my Christmas shopping until December 22, just in case.  I would hate to drop a lot of cash around town only to have all my gifts  sucked up into the universe.

The Mayan Calendar contains both components of astrology and numerology. The people that belonged to this ancient civilization of South America were adept trackers of the heavens. The massive temples that were built by this early civilization were not just tombs or places to worship the Gods. They were also built to be giant observatories of the heavens.

These temples were architecturally designed so that the movements of the planets, the sun, the moon and the stars could be observed.

This system of measuring time was first put into practice by the Mayans around 32 B.C. It was called The Long Count is because the Mayans, who were quite dark spiritually, believed that the end of the world must happen. In fact it was something to look forward because life was believed to be easier after that.

In essence the Mayan Long Count is the countdown to the eventual and unavoidable apocalypse that would bring the end of the world. The high priests and shamans in the Mayan culture figured out that the Long Count which is supposed to equal 5125.36 days.

This number of days is also known as the Mayan Great Cycle. This passage of time ends exactly on the winter solstice. Amazingly the Mayan mathematicians were able to pinpoint the exact day and time that the world will end in the future and that is on August 13th

Confusing – which is it guys?  Inquiring minds need to know.

Just as a matter of interest they also believed that the world was conceived on August 13th. There is actual astrological and astronomical data to back up the theory of the Mayan Long Count and there are things happening in the sky that day that could potentially affect life on earth.

This is supposedly the date when the Sun is going to cross what is astronomically known as the Milky Way Equator. The Mayans were absolutely incredible mathematicians and they could predict centuries into the future when it came to predicting the trajectory of the Sun.

Astrologically the crossing of the sun over the Milky Way equator scheduled to happen at exactly 11:11 a.m GMT on August 13th in the year 2012.

This type of astrological event is unheard of as the sun will technically be in what is known as the “dark rift” of the Milky Way and oddly also be in conjunction with the exact center of the universe.

Many visionaries and metaphysicians have noted how important this date is to the end of the world. One famous analysis called “The Mayan Prophecies” (authored, Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterill ) have put forth the theory that the sun will reverse its magnetic field that day. This would be a development that would result in weather changes and seismic shifts that could cause the end of the world.

Of course the end of the world has been predicted many times in history and it is more likely that the Long Count will signify the end of one era and the beginning of another. However it is quite odd that the calendar ends in 2012.

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  1. Emily

    Several years ago when I taught World History, I would show a wonderful Time video on the Mayan civilization. It depicted the end like a huge spinning wheel with dates flashing by–very dramatic. When it abruptly stopped, and they announced the date 2012, it scared the kids to death. It was the quietest moment of the semester as they all figured out how old they would be that year!


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