Ruthie has ruled – it’s a keeper!

Everyone needs a Ruthie in their lives – for me it’s that one person I can count on to be brutally honest when I need it most.

em's hair “Do ya’ll like my hair?” I beseeched my friends. Beth had just pumped it up with something that looked like a combination of eggnog and modeling clay.

The entire room drawls “Ooooh, we luv it, Em. Makes you look younger.”

I looked at Ruthie. She sits tight-lipped, ready to explode.

“Are you kidding me?” she bellows, rising up off the sofa like a tsunami . “It looks horrible! Do it back, right now.”

Ruthie’s really a pussy cat. She just refuses to let her friends make ridiculous blunders, so she “nips it in the bud,” as Barney Fife would say.

taco stew for days

My point is, her opinion matters. I took some soup to our ailing friend, Norma, this week. I siphoned off a wee little bit for Ruthie’s lunch. Now, let me tell you that this soup is the only thing I make that is worth a durn – probably because there’s no way you can mess it up. NO WAY.

But I didn’t hear a word from her. Nada.

She hated it. It knew it. It was awful. I berated myself for trying to be domestic. I should have taken flowers…or bathroom tissue to Norma. Why, oh why, do I insist on trying to cook?

Low and behold Ruthie wrote me today to tell me how sorry she was that she had not thanked me for the delicious soup! Yes! Ruthie liked its and wants the recipe. Hip Hip Hooray,

Therefore, I feel comfortable sharing it with you.

First let me tell you this is the only healthy thing I make. I obtained the recipe at one of my weight watcher’s meetings (they called it “two-point taco stew”) They also gave me a recipe for one-point cornbread. If you don’t speak Weight Watchers, that means two muffins have less than 50 calories which is equivalent eating a small Boston fern. The two point stew is like eating a small begonia. Very slenderizing.

I have no idea how you can turn two tablespoons of corn meal into a cornbread muffin, but it works – some kind of chemical reaction. Think of it as a science project!


1/2 pound ground round or chuck

1 onion chopped

15-ounce can Ranch Style beans

16-ounce dark kidney beans

10-ounce can Rotel tomatoes

1 package Hidden Halley Ranch Dressing mix

1 package taco seasoning

3 cans water

I can corn (optional)

Brown the meat in a skillet and add the remaining stuff. Simmer until you’re really hungry. In the meantime mix 1/3 cup cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons self rising cornmeal. Beat in one egg and pour into muffin tins (four would be good.) Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

I have no idea how it turns into cornbread muffins, but it does! Not the tallest in the world, but HEY -you can’t have everything. If you decide to double the soup the way I did – tripled it actually – I recommend that you not double the seasoning packets. It will be way too salty.

If you are sick of being healthy – plop on a dollop of sour cream, a handful of cheddar cheese and chow down with a bag of Doritos. Ruthie would approve.

2 thoughts on “Ruthie has ruled – it’s a keeper!

  1. Your soup was good! If Ruthie didn’t like it , that’s her problem. Bubba liked it too, and he is usually pretty honest when it comes to “complimenting the cook” You underestimate yourself. Thanks again for
    all the delicious food and yes I cheated a couple of times on the scones, when Bubba would let me. He kept saying, “Emily brought these to me”.

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