Sacrilege will thump you on the head every time

Now I know why the New Orleans Saints lost to the Dallas Cowboys last week, and Tampa Bay today.

Somebody better do something quick or we’re screwed. (I can’t believe I’m using that word -forgive me, Miss Elizabeth)


As my boys and I drove into New Orleans last weekend we were horrified to spot bumper stickers stating “WWBD?” – what would Breesus do?”

Well, I’ll tell you what – Breesus wept  – and he should!

Drew Brees is a fabulous quarterback, but he’s no Jesus.  And his Daddy wasn’t about to let you forget it.

I still wonder if the Dallas organization came up with that slogan and used it to undermine a perfect season.  No matter.  The hoax continues and the Saints will never make it to the playoffs  unless they  acknowledge the man in charge.   It isn’t Drew Brees,

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