Saved by prayer and a good AC man


I’m wondering if this was my day for Olivia to pray for me.

Each year, my high school friend, Olivia Portera,  places all her birthday and Christmas cards in a big bowl.  She draws one out each day and spends 24 hours praying for the sender.  You can bet she is at the top of our greeting card list.

Good things always happen on the day Olivia prays for us.

Norma Atkins, another high school friend from West Point,  told me she had her day earlier this week and her grandson’s baseball team (The Mississippi Longhorns)  won the state championship for the Triple S division (12 year olds)!

I’m convinced Olivia had something to do with it.

Anyhow, I arrived home late last night, tired and cranky, after being on the road for a total of 20 hours in the last four days, attending funerals and house christenings.  Imagine my dismay to discover that my air conditioner had bitten the dust – again!   The thermometer read 91 degrees and I took a bath without even running the hot water..

Apparently I bought a lemon of a cooling and heating system, and must devote a whole line item on my household budget to feed its seasonal health problems.  Practically every part has been replaced twice and it’s only 12 years old.

It was too late to call for help, so I spent one lousy night at the end of June in a sweaty coma, tossing and turning in a bed that felt like hot ashes.  The ceiling fan did little more than circulate the dust particles.  Even Rebel and Lucky Dawg were sweating and peered at me with big sad moon eyes that said ”Can’t you do something?”

don rhodes 002

This morning, I called my trusty AC repairman, Don Rhodes (he arrived within the hour like the Cavalry).  We have become fast friends and sometimes I even fix lunch for him when he’s making  his regular calls to tweak something on the dastardly unit.

He’s a magician.  He always gets me up and running in a matter of minutes at a minimum cost.  This time he wouldn’t even let me pay him for his time.  I think I’ve become the “pity person” on his client list.

Now I’m cool as a cucumber and still wondering.  Was this my day for Olivia to pray?

Don’s number is on my speed dial – 418-6407.  You’ll need to send Olivia a card to get on her fast track to heaven.

5 thoughts on “Saved by prayer and a good AC man

  1. Don Rhodes is the best Heating/AC man in Starkville! I started using his services based on your recommendations and he is awesome! Prompt and reliable service at a price that can’t be beat! Thanks for the recommendation Ms. Emily.

  2. Oh goody, Olivia. I can’t wait for good things to happen. Wish you could join us to hear Johnny Bryan talk about his new book. Can’t wait to see him and Neville.

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