‘Scuse me Miss, is that an alligator on your head,

li 004

No, it’s only Lizzie, my resident lizard.  She was a fraction of her current size when she appeared in my garden.  But she has tripled in size over the past few weeks on a steady diet of mosquitos and who knows what else.

water pump lizard 019

For certain, the reptile population in my garden has increased since I finally got my new antique water pump functional.

That’s fine with me as long as it doesn’t attract snakes. My neighbor, Joe, swears he killed a water moccasin in my vegetable garden last week.

Now, how do you suppose a water moccasin made his way into downtown Starkville?  I’m hoping Joe exaggerates, but I’ve taken to wearing my cowboy boots when I go vegetable pickin’.

One thought on “‘Scuse me Miss, is that an alligator on your head,

  1. Em,
    I’ve tripled in size over the last few weeks as well. Will have to give up insects! Aaaaah shucks!!! Cuz

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