See? I’m not the only one!


I just received a comment on my newspaper column last week about my house going on the market without my permission.  I won’t reveal the writer’s name but I was so gratified to know I’m not the only deluded diva in the world.  My friend wrote:

“Just read about the people that came to your house to look at it.  The thing that caught my attention was your comment about throwing the clothes in the oven. 


At some point earlier this year I hid a bag of potato chips in the oven, which I had done many times to keep my husband from eating them – and I guess me too.  On a very rare occasion I decided to bake something.  Turned on the oven to pre-heat and left the room.  When I returned a very short time later smoke was filling the kitchen and I could see flames in the oven.  Cut off the oven and went into a panic seeing visions of having to buy a new stove – if the house didn’t burn down.

I called the electrician that had done work for us before.  He said just let it burn itself out.  As the oven was a self-cleaning oven he told me it was built to stand very high temps.  He said after it had cooled off, clean up the soot, etc. and see if the oven would work.

I followed his advice and I tell you cleaning out the blackened potato chips pieces and soot was a terrible job.  However, the oven worked fine and has done so the few times I have used it since them.

I called the electrician to thank him for his advice and helping to calm me down as the fire raged in the oven.  He laughed and said, " Do not ever put a bag of potato chips in the oven again".  I promised him that I wouldn’t and so I had to find another hiding place for "treats" which is working out okay.”

Oh, a woman after my own heart!  My snafu today stemmed from my desire to cover the white floor in my bathroom which is an on-going job to keep clean.  I spied a wonderful rug on my back porch that fit my color scheme beautifully.  I shook it out and plunged it into my washing machine.

Please don’t ever do that. It did something to the little doodad that allows the machine to drain.  So I had to scoop out the very dirty water with a measuring cup and now I have an unusable washing machine along with all the other malfunctioning things at my junction.

I’m off to the laun-dro-mat. That should be fun. See, I’m trying to be cheerful amidst the daily drudgery.  The reason all this is happening is that I skipped mass this morning since I went yesterday.  Won’t do that again.

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