Seeing old things in a new way

Yvonne's redo 001

Before – the party room was a hodge-podge collection of wonderful things in need of a little reorganization._________________________

Yesterday, my neighbor, Yvonne, left home for a few hours while Robin O’Nan, reworked her party room without spending a cent.  The transformation was striking and Yvonne returned home mid-afternoon to a revitalized space.

Yvonne's redo 010

After – the large room was divided into five separate living areas.

Robin, at right, operates “Redesigns by Robin”.”  She combs through the possessions of her clients and edits them with a creative eye. She redesigned Yvonne’s party room and created a space that will serve the family in many different situations – from holiday meals and pot lucks for the neighbors (whoopee) to an afternoon reading by the fire.  She even managed to artfully blend in the chest-type freezer and an extra refrigerator.  Voila.  The party room has become an all-purpose room.

Yvonne's redo 008

First, Robin created a cozy lounging space around the fireplace, then carved out two dining spaces which will amply serve the large blended Thaxton family.

Yvonne's redo 012

The “party room was created from an old carport. The concrete floor was painted and walls were installed with  lots of windows.

My robin photography doesn’t do the job justice, but I was truly impressed with Robin’s eye for organization and seeing old things in new ways.

You can check out her credentials and work by logging on to  Her phone number is 662-418-1415.

Now, I’m wondering what she would do with my space.  First, I’ve got to clean it up.

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