Self motivation technique works!


I was determined to get back on my work-out program today despite my tendency to slack up in the fall and winter.

That, coupled with an injury suffered by my workout partner, has sent me back too the couch with a good book and a box of chocolates way too often.

This technique worked for me today and it seemed to energize and prevent me from quitting early.  Here’s how to do it:

‘See’ or imagine a television screen


hovering over your head. Now turn that same screen ‘on’ and see yourself engaging in whatever exercise you are engaged in. (Hold in your stomach, the world is watching!)

Go through all the motions from start to finish of the workout session and envision yourself prevailing at every challenge or obstacle.


Since I walk/run a stadium for exercise, I went a step farther and envisioned the stadium full of fans here to see me perform.  (After all I am deluded, so it comes naturally.)

As you complete the exercise, imagine yourself accepting the MVP trophy and a big bonus check for endorsements.   Can’t you see big Mickey Mouse exercise shoes with “Deluded Diva” stamped across the sides?  Everyone will want a pair!  Move over, Skechers.

Now, when you’re ready, turn the television off and go about your day knowing that you are a winner.


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