Senior math is for old people

marathon party at old waverly 033

Yesterday, my little platoon of adventurers (the ones who motivated me go white water rafting, run a marathon and hike the Appalachian Trail) met for lunch to celebrate Judy’s birthday (the honoree is pictured at left).

Judy, Jill, and Marie are the closest thing to sisters I’ve ever known.  We fuss, get irritated with each other, and walk off in a huff. They have a collective total of more than 18 siblings – I am an only child.  You would think I would always get my way. Neeew,  I never learned “assertive.” I’m learning now..

My sisters  and I  don’t know how to act in “indoor” social situations, and we almost got kicked out of China Garden for being too disruptive. We were trying to figure out the check, which we split three ways since it was Judy’s big day.

I owed Marie $18 and she owed me $7.   We both owed Jill $5 and Judy $10. Could some sixth grader figure out what we owe each other?

Our next adventure is looking like a train trip to the Big Easy  on the City of New Orleans.

Someone proposed that we stay at the “Y,” dress as bag ladies and hike the Vieux Carre with a grocery cart, collecting cans and other detritus of the night. We will show the world how to look glamorous as a bag ladies.

We will return, write a book and go on the Oprah show to discuss our experiences.  Probably win a Pulitzer.

2 thoughts on “Senior math is for old people

  1. Clearly, yesterday proved we were not paying attention in Miss Norma Benjamin’s math class, but girl, we sure know how to have a “ton of fun”…even in Chinese! Happy Thanksgiving!

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