Seniors are shamelessly maligned

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I’m getting pretty weary of watching movies and television programs where older characters are shamelessly stereotyped, with unbecoming results.


There have been a few kindly old grandmas, but more often they are depicted as grumpy, lonely, depressed, slow-witted, doddering, and woefully behind the times. 

I can’t help think about how outraged the public becomes when we stereotype the obese, people of Mid-Eastern origin, Native Americans – you fill in the blank.

I’m sorry, but my aging friends don’t display any of those negative characteristics.  I realize I now have a different angle of observation, but my cronies are active, electronically savvy (well, at least we’re trying,) and in my town are still the age group driving the community programs.  I hate to think what would happen to our community if we all went on strike!


I suggest the media would be wise to do a little sucking up to the increasingly valuable “gray dollar” and cut the crap.

For my gang, later life means self-realization, not inconsequence. For some of us, we are beginning a new career after retiring from one that so longer suited us, we are breaking free from stagnant relationships and taking up new hobbies.  

So, listen up all you twenty and thirty-somethings who are making fun of your elders.  Someday you’ll be looking back on your youth and plow into a parked car. 

4 thoughts on “Seniors are shamelessly maligned

  1. Add to that those repulsive ads about smokers. I keep wondering when we will see ads showing the after effects of drinking…wrecks, deaths, broken homes, broken relationships, etc. I had much rather see a driver in front or back of me smoking than to see one drinking.
    By the way, have any of you read the OSHA test results on second hand smoke? Interesting.

  2. It is the government agency that checks the working place environment to make sure employees are safe. Before reading their tests results, I often wondered why I never heard of them restricting smoking. We often hear the phrase “studies show” but OSHA is the only one I have ever heard explain their study and results.

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