Shock and awe at the Flora-Bama

floraama sign

We all spent time at the FLora-Bama as college students.  Later, as young adults, we dropped in from time to time.  Yesterday, we made a return appearance and found many from our generation are still hanging out there!

group -florabama

For the uninformed, the FLora-Bama is a  bar featuring live entertainment and questionable decor.  It has evolved into a series of shanty-like lean-tos – to which additions are made whenever the crowds outgrow the existing space.

The whole thing straddles the Alabama-Florida line on the Mississippi Gulf and has become an institution.  You can listen to music in Alabama and visit the restroom in Florida.  I won’t go into detail, but the ceiling of the dance hall is lined with unmentionables.


We felt slightly out of place, but we’re glad we revisited our old haunt, if only to be grateful we’ve moved on.

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