Shop your own closet


If you haven’t cleaned your closet in a while, chances are very good that you have some duplicates taking up space in this valuable piece of real estate.


I’ll say.  I cleaned out my closet yesterday and unearthed 13 pair of black dress slacks.  THIRTEEN.  I tried them on – and all but four were either too short, too loose, too tight, too something.  Off they went to the Salvation Army.  Ditto for anything I haven’t worn in two years.

Out went the Calvin Klein plaid jeans I bought when I was 14 – that’s size 14, mind you.  And they made me look like I was 18 (size 18).  Plaid should be outlawed for any woman who has ever had a weight problem.

Also culled was a vintage 1980s wool coat that contained enough billowing fabric in the garment to clothe a third world country.  On a positive note, I found a missing shoe that I thought the dog had eaten and a pair of blue jeans that weren’t mine.  Anyone missing a pair of jeans?  I think I have them.

Cleaning out my closet felt a lot like archaeology.  I discovered five black dresses.  I swore then and there I would never buy another black piece of clothing.

I read somewhere that we wear 20 percent of our wardrobes 80 percent of the time.  I believe it and I’ve promised myself never to buy anything that I don’t absolutely love and NO MORE BLACK DRESS SLACKS, Plaids or “I love Lucy” coats – ever. Ditto for black pumps – I counted five pair – very nearly duplicates.

As the recession takes root and blossoms, I’m determined to “shop my own closet” before adding more items that will still have the price tag hanging out of the collar this time next year.

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