Shopping spree nets truckload of gold, new friend


What is happening to me?  There was a time when a shopping spree was successful only if I brought home sacks of shoes, handbags and jewelry.  Yesterday I had my most successful shopping day ever, and all I dragged home was a truckload of horse manure! 

More puzzling yet – I was tickled pink!

My big purchase was made yesterday at the Garden Expo held in my town.  It featured more than 60 booths of vendors selling spectacular water features, massive pots for container gardening, and iron garden art for days.  But what caught my attention was the sign that noted I could get a truck load of composted horse manure for $5.

One problem – I had no truck – at least not of the pick ’em up variety.  Enter Jim.  I made his acquaintance at the registration desk, and before I knew what was happening we were shoveling “you know what” into the back of his truck. We later split it between his garden and mine.  He even paid for it – what a cheap date!

If you live in North Mississippi you might be interested to note the Mississippi Horse Park in Starkville offers composted manure for $5 anytime during the year.  They will even load it into your truck – you just have to unload it into your own garden.

The Expo continues today and I will be in search of the perfect pot for my container herbal garden.  I learned lots of interesting tips from Lelia Kelly, in her seminar on herbs which I’ll pass on to you later if I don’t get caught up in another manure shoveling activity.

2 thoughts on “Shopping spree nets truckload of gold, new friend

  1. You may already know this, but I have always been told the horse manure is much “hotter”/stronger that regular cow manure. You might want to consider that when putting it out everywhere. Check with the Extension person and they can give you the correct info. What a deal!!!!

  2. Hey Barbara – no I did not know that! I do know it had been cut with some clippings – I’d better go google before adding it to my perennial bed. I wanted to weed the bed before putting it out – got lots of little icky weedy things coming up.Thanks for the info.

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